carbon fiber black ipad 2Are you one of the many who saved up for months to get the latest generation iPad the minute it came out? Did you brave the crowds and wait hours in line, or weeks for it to arrive in your mailbox? If so, then you probably want to protect your investment as much as you can. There are three steps that users consider mandatory for keeping your device shiny and pristine: 1) Get a screen protector, 2) Buy a premium iPad cover, and 3) Keep it away from liquids.

The last thing you want to do is shatter your iPad’s screen, drop it or spill a glass of water on your invaluable tablet, so if you aren’t convinced that those are the integral three steps to protecting it and preserving its resale value, read on.

  1. Get a good screen protector. The touchscreen on your iPad is going to get used all the time. And sometimes, your hands aren’t as clean as you think. Even though the glass Apple uses is scratch resistant and durable, it’s still permeable—you most likely have had a scratch or two on your Smartphone to prove it. A screen protector is fundamental if you want to avoid fingerprints and scratches as much as possible. Just like you bought a screen protector, and a skin or cover for your iPhone 4s or 5, you need to give this often pricey device the same respect. When you apply your screen protector, your display should be clean and free of any lint or debris, and you’ll want to strive to make sure there are no air bubbles when you put it on.
  2. Buy a premium iPad cover. A sturdy, reliable cover is essential for protecting your tablet from damage when it’s both in and out of use. An adhesive shell is an excellent choice, as it won’t add any bulk and the layer of damage-resistant film will help it withstand any accidents and abuse it may be exposed to.
  3. Keep your device away from liquids. You may already know from experience with your SmartPhone that liquids and gadgets don’t mix. Even if you purchased an excellent skin or cover for your iPhone 4s or 5, you may have gotten it wet and ruined your device forever. The same goes for the Apple’s leading edge device—even when you buy a premium iPad cover, dropping it into water or spilling near it can destroy your device and any information you’ve saved on it. Keep all your devices a safe distance away from water, sinks, toilets, swimming pools and any other bodies of water you may visit.