TabletWhether you’ve got the New iPad, the iPad Mini or one of the older generation tablets, we’re sure you’ve downloaded plenty of apps so far. And if you already have an iPad 3 or older iPad, you might want to update it with some new apps. When you invest in a tablet, accessories and a fancy premium iPad cover to boot, you want to be able to enjoy your device to the fullest. And when you choose the tablet that is known for having far more apps available than any other, you probably want to stay in the know about the latest offerings.

Just like when you got your first MacBook and decked it out in premium MacBook Pro covers and the most cutting-edge software, we know you want to do the same with your iPad. So this week, we’re going to start off by covering five of what are considered the most popular apps among the Apple slate of offerings.       

Kindle. When it comes to books, the Kindle app is a favorite. It boasts the largest library of books to choose from, a wide array of fonts to choose from, a variety of ways to read and cross platform support via Whispersync. If you don’t have a Kindle or other e-reader, this app is the next best thing.

Quickoffice Pro Hd. This awesome app enables you to easily work with all Microsoft Office documents, from word processing files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and PDFs. It even supports advanced features including Track Changes.

iTunes U. This educational app provides course notes and materials from educational institutions to allow users to subscribe to the course and learn about new topics. You’ll be able to watch and listen to recordings of lecture recordings, pause them when you need a break and progress as if you were actually in school.

Netflix. When it comes to entertainment, Netflix offers the best range of TV programming and films, both old and new. You can track where you are if you pause a show and do other cool things with this handy app.

iCircuit Training. This killer fitness app provides 18 pre-designed circuits so that you can train every muscle group and not get bored. The videos include demonstrations of 50 different exercise types and lets you log your progress.

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