android casesWhen you’re looking for a HP touchpad cover, chances are you want something that maintains the sleek, unassuming silhouette that this convenient tablet is known for. Not just for looks—though who wouldn’t want to keep up with its ultra-slim image—but for toting it around when you’re on the go.

Research shows that when it comes to premium Android covers, users tend to go for the slimmer models in the marketplace. Yet many worry that the thin covers won’t offer the durability necessary to protect these delicate and precious devices that we can’t do without. That’s where a StealthArmor HP TouchPad cover comes in with a solution that limits the potential for damage in a way that few other cases can claim.

Using an innovative heat-bonding technology, StealthArmor wraps devices in a thin layer of damage-resistant material that is rugged enough to withstand some of the biggest bumps and shocks. In fact, it’s the same technology designed for the automotive racing industry to keep car exteriors safe from things that fly at them during a race—from rocks and asphalt to angry birds.

The precision cut designs of StealthArmor’s premium Android covers, iPhone skins and other tablet cases keep the package stealth and bulk-free, only adding to the luxe, stylish appeal of the HP TouchPad tablet, where other cases detract from its svelte image. The fit is perfect for this leaner tablet—never rubbery or clunky, the case is easy to install and adds instant polish. With several chic and eye catching series to choose from, these are the perfect skins and covers to express your personal style. 

If you want a stealth case that does the job with cutting-edge flair, look no further. These cases are available in more than 20 colors and finishes, in fun, on-trend series including Color, Classic, Racing and Metal.