ipad rumorsRumors have it that Apple is currently testing a new generation of their ultra popular tablet—a nearly13-inch iPad. Does this mean it’s time to start preparing your budget and start looking for new accessories and a premium iPad cover? According to tech circles, the blogosphere and others in the know, Apple and its myriad of suppliers are supposedly testing larger screens for two of its signature products, the iPhone and iPad.

 Even The Wall Street Journal has published reports that Apple has plans to release a new tablet with a screen that’s almost 13 inches (12.9 inches, to be exact), and a new generation iPhone with a display that is larger than the current model. You know what that means—if you’re the techie who needs to have the latest in cutting-edge technology, you just may be trading in your old iPhone 4s, and the skin cover and other accessories along with your older tablet. The Korean news site, ETNews.com, corroborated the news of a 12.9 inch tablet and even shared rumors that accessory manufacturers were already designing a new premium iPad cover. ETNews.com shared the rumor of what the larger screen device might be called—the iPad Maxi.

If history repeats itself, Apple will unveil new devices in September. It makes sense that we could expect the latest iPad or a new iPad Mini—or both—as well as the next generation iPhone. Though if the new iOS 7 interface is as good as its rumored to be, users with iPhone 4s may be hanging on to their skin covers and accessories, because they’ll be like a brand new device.

In the meantime, users around the world keep guessing about the new specs. Many are abuzz about the possibility of a new fingerprint sensor, a sleek and slimmer body, a 10-hour battery life and an exciting slow motion camera.