macbook pro with no coverIf you heard the news from Apple’s Worldwide Development Conference (WWDC) earlier this month, you didn’t have to be there to know there were mobs of disappointed MacBook Pro fans. The rumors about release information for the 2013 Retina MacBook Pro were just that—rumors. Fans were already shopping for their new MacBook Pro covers—but now it looks like they’ve got some time.

Prior to WWDC, tech bloggers and reporters seemed confident that, at the very least, Apple would release details about the new Retina MacBook Pro—but not a whisper was heard. Of course, this strange move by Apple incited a whole new wave of rumors amongst the tech circles, from release dates and specs to battery life and power consumption. Here is a quick roundup from some bloggers that were attributed to the Geekbench results database. 

For starters, both the MacBook Air and the much awaited Retina Mac Pro show similarities on the database—it appears that both devices will run Build 13A2050 of OS X Mavericks. Yet of greater importance to the majority of users is the implication that Apple is making upgrades that will improve power consumption to extend battery life on the Mac Pro, which will re-motivate many to start shopping for MacBook Pro covers again. While this was expected for the MacBook Air, that rumor didn’t quite come to fruition. The device’s power was improved very little, as Apple instead focused on decreasing the MacBook Air’s energy consumption, resulting in a significant increase in battery life. 

One of the main contributing factors to the decrease in the MacBook Air’s energy consumption is its use of Intel’s new Haswell platform. This leads many to wonder, will Apple do the same with the MacBook Pro or will that be impossible due to the Pro-Retina’s energy draining display? Which leads us to this proposed theory—will the Retina display really happen? Our guess is yes, as rumor has it that Apple is phasing out all non-Retina display models. But here we are, relying on rumors again. Only time and Mac’s next conference will tell.