macbook pro coverThe rumors are heating up again—and most point to new, upgraded MacBook Pro models to be released in October (keep in mind, there are some rumors that still point to a September release date, just in time for back to school shopping).  And with the impressive slate of features that these new models are rumored to have, it looks like consumers will want to investigate their options so they can find the sturdiest, most protective MacBook Pro covers possible to keep their new laptops shiny, pristine and in perfect working order.

Whether the new models are released in September or October, the refreshed lineup of features for both the Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro with Retina display has been released and is a source of excitement for Mac fans and aficionados. For starters, battery life will reach new heights due to an upgraded Intel Haswell Processor, which will also improve the graphics of both new MacNook Pro models.

The displays are another area that will receive an exciting upgrade—as HD screens continue to shift to 4K display technology, the Apple Macbook Pros will most likely support an HD display. While a full HD resolution pans out to1920 x 1080, the 4K display resolution is 4096 x 2160. In addition, both models are expected to use the OS X Mavericks new desktop operating system. While the new system is a mystery, the hype surrounding it has Mac fans planning their strategy for either lining up at the nearest Apple store or finding ways to obtain some of the first MacBook Pros released online.

With all of these cool features that will boost productivity and user satisfaction, it makes sense to start saving now for your new Apple laptop, accessories, and of course, the most durable and protective MacBook Pro covers you can find.