wwdc logoMonday’s much-anticipated keynote address at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) was an important one for the company, especially as the Android market share seems to grow exponentially. There was a lot of news at the conference, with some particularly interesting information if you’re an iOS user. Hold onto your iPhone 4s skin cover, because you’re going to be excited about the update.

In a nutshell, the interfaces we use for iPhones and iPads is undergoing a significant transformation and getting an elegant new look. The iOS 7 operating system features a wide range of new software upgrades that will make your device feel brand spanking new. This is a great move on Apple’s part, as it will give devices a longer life in consumers’ hands, and therefore, preserve brand loyalty.

At WWDC, the appearance of the redesigned interface was described as looking like a “crystal clear pane of layered glass” with icons and features that appear “flat” and more elegant than in the past. The active home screen features a “3D-like” experience when you move the phone around and the keyboard will be a semi-translucent. It sounds like a real game changer for devices and for Apple in general—simplicity and minimalism are in.

This is all great news for users who were starting to think about crossing over to the Andoid market, due to the abundance of sleek interfaces available among other Smartphones. When you invest in an ultra-slim device with and a great looking iPhone 4s skin or premium iPad cover, chances are you want a screen that looks sophisticated and cutting-edge as well.

It was confirmed at the WWDC that iOS 7 will be available in the fall for the iPhone 4 and all of the newer models, as well as the iPad 2 and newer and iPad Mini—meaning you can hang onto that premium iPad cover as well. In addition, iOS 7 will be available for the fifth-generation of iPod Touch. A beta version was already released so that developers can start working with it now. 

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