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Q: What is StealthArmor by Fusion of Ideas?
A: StealthArmor by Fusion of Ideas is the premium brand of device protection that offers heat-bonding technology to wrap any device in a thin layer of damage-resistant material without diminishing the device's luxurious and sexy appeal. With over seven years of experience in precision cut designs, product development and installation, StealthArmor is the perfect solution for a completely natural and slim fit, never rubbery or clunky with the bulk of traditional cases. Available in a variety of over 20 colors and finishes from Racing, Metal, Classic and Color series. StealthArmor clear screen protectors are made with the latest nano-fusion technology. It protects device screens from scratches and helps to reduce the appearance of fingerprints and smudges. StealthArmor has the best adhesive qualities and clearer optics than any other screen protector film on the market. Built to protect, StealthArmor was initially designed for the automotive racing industry to keep car exteriors safe from flying asphalt and rocks, so you know it’s tough
Q: Is StealthArmor a Case?
A: StealthArmor is not a case. StealthArmor is a precision cut film that wraps your device to provide protection without the bulkiness, clunk, or rubbery feel of traditional cases. What is the StealthArmor Installation Process? StealthArmor is easy to install and instructions come inside each package on the backside of the product tray, or as a postcard in the packaging. The StealthArmor back film is a thin polymer material that is adhered to the back of a device, then held for a few seconds under a low-heat source (such as a hair dryer) to activate the StealthArmor’s heat-bonding adhesive technology, resulting in a smooth and seamless look that is durable and will stay adhered to the phone. StealthArmor clear screen protectors are installed using a light spray solution and squeegee process that adheres screen to the device. Please make sure to follow the instructions, as StelathArmor is not responsible for user error. Installation videos are also available at
Q: What is the StealthArmor Removal Process?
A: StealthArmor will not leave any residue and is very simple to remove. When removal is desired, StealthArmor can be peeled slowly from the device and removed with ease.
Q: Can I Customize My StealthArmor?
A: Using the most advanced technology, the Fusion of Ideas of COLOR customization process (patent pending) offers a full-color digital print that is permanently printed on to the StealthArmor. The print will not scratch off and offers a perfect branding solution for a full-color company logo onto StealthArmor that can be adhered to the back of any device to give a customized appearance. Fusion of Ideas offers StealthArmor customization on quantities of five (5) or more units. Quantities of five (5) or more customized StealthArmor requests can be sent to the Fusion of Ideas corporate office at 949-453-0740 or
Q: Where Can I Purchase StealthArmor Products?
A: StealthArmor can be purchased at the online store,
Q: Does StealthArmor Ship Internationally?
A: StealthArmor does not ship internationally. The only shipping options available are through USPS flat rate shipping of $6.50 per item.
Q: Does StealthArmor Offer Laser Engraving Services?
A: We don’t, but Fusion of Ideas does offer customization services for quantities of two (2) or more devices. Color printing, customized printed cases, digital content and app development, along with other services are available. Any artwork should already be in a vector format (.ai or .eps), or a design fee may apply. For more information on our business services, please contact our corporate sales team at info@fusionofideas.comor 949-453-0740.
A: With an appointment for 1-5 devices at our retail store, we can do same day engravings. For detailed engravings or printings services, our turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Rush order fees can also be applied if next or same day services are required.
Q: How Fast is Your Turnaround Time for Laser Engraving and Printing Services?
A: With approved artwork (must be an .ai or .eps file), our turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Rush order fees can also be applied if next or same day services are required.
Q: I’ve Heard About Laser Engraving, Print Services, MDM, App Development, and Other Services with Fusion of Ideas, Where Can I Go for More Information?
A: Please visit our Fusion of Ideas site at to learn more information about our business services or please contact us at and 949-453-0740 for more information.
Q: Is StealthArmor Made in the USA?
A: StealthArmor is a USA product. Product cuts, printing, installation, packaging and fulfillment is all done in Irvine, CA. We pride ourselves in creating American jobs and keeping work in the USA.
Q: Anything Else Interesting About StealthArmor?
A: Fusion of Ideas was the first company to offer protective film with the carbon fiber “weave” design. Today, the black carbon fiber StealthArmor finish is by far the most popular option. StealthArmor is also great for business use and can be customized with a company logo or other branding designs. To learn more, please visit

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